Reseller Websites & Billing Systems

The following Ready Made Billing Systems can be selected as an Addon when you purchase any Reseller hosting plan. Your new website including fully automated billing system will be installed and configured within 24 hours of your domain resolving to the server and we will add up to 4 hosting plans to get you started. You can add as many more plans as you think you will need, there are no restrictions.
Your billing system includes but is not limited to, full Support Ticket functionality, various automated payment options, fully automated account creation, suspension & termination. Automated customer new account information, invoicing & payment reminders. Get your own unbranded billing system installed & configured for a one off installation fee when you set up your Reseller hosting account.

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Theme 14

Free SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are free and installed by default on all hosting plans, so that you can make your website accessible in HTTPS.

Free DDoS Protection

Anti-DDoS infrastructure in order to protect your websites 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack.

Free Malware Protection

Anti-Malware system to protect all of your websites against hackers. Every file uploaded will be scanned for malware.

Control Panel

Configure your products and services using our online admin interface (Control Panel).

Multi-domain management

The multi-sites option allows you to host several websites on the same web hosting plan.

Detailed statistics

Access generated statistics easily from your website's logs, in a simple, readable format.


Schedule and manage automatic actions from your web hosting plan.

Automated email tracking

Track automated emails sent from your website (potential errors, activity and detection of security vulnerabilities).

Backup and restoration

To protect your website from the unexpected, every web hosting plan contains a backup option.

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